Lovely Job by RA Landscapes

Rob and Adam did a great job for their customer in Rubery. Why not give them a call for artificial grass in the West Midlands

"On your door step" trade prices

Run Grass Artificial Grass trade prices are ‘on your door step’ and include; shipping, import duties, storage, handling, cutting, wrapping and delivery to your business. In fact everything except VAT. One South of England distributor said, "but I can get the same products from China myself for the same price" "Yes" we said, "but if you buy from us you are buying from a UK company, with all the reassurances that go with that!" This distributor now buys rolls from us, 10 or 20 at a time, on a regular basis Contact our sales team to find out how you can buy at some of the best prices around. 03336000118

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