Why is our artificial grass so cheap?

We sell artificial grass at very competitive prices, the cost of your artificial grass is made up of the cost of the materials plus the cost of the manufacture plus the transport costs and any profit margins along each step of the route to sale. We manufacture the yarn from the raw materials (this helps keep the costs down), then we make the grass in our state of the art factory (a modern factory is far more efficient than an older factory) in China (Chinese labour is cheaper than European), the grass is brought to Europe in a massive container ship (the most economic means of travel), once in our warehouse the goods are distributed to shops, merchants and installers (no middle men to add th

Distribution Of Run Grass

So many carriers are unable to move artificial grass, as a roll is over 4 metres in length pallet companies will either shy away or charge for several pallets. The remainder of these companies struggle to move rolls of artificial grass often weighing 300kg, with fork trucks damaging the stock. Mixed loads of grass and boxes don’t work all too often damaging either the grass or else the boxed goods. At RunGrass we use specialist carpet carriers, this still causes problems but at least our artificial grass arrives with our customers intact and undamaged. The biggest problem we have is that many installers are not sure how much grass the are going to need until they have finished all their pr

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