It is difficult to get a true impression of just how realistic our grass is,

so don't forget to request some samples.


Crescent and Diamond shaped yarns are more supportive than conventional flat rectangle yarns.

The thickness of the yarn, the amount of yarn in each stich, the number of rows of stitching per metre, the number of stiches per metre and the height of the pile all contribute to the cost of the grass. 

The amount of yarn in the artificial grass, can be gauged by looking at the weight. 

A heavy grass is more durable than a less heavy product.


We have a range of artificial grass.

The longer pile products look more realistic as real lawns tend towards being longer. 

The shorter piles are usually cheaper, these are great where you may wish to use wheels on the surface. With children other than toddlers, longer piles are generally best. 

The cost of the materials varies mainly due to the amount of yarn in each product, this can be measured by looking at the weight of the grass.

The most important thing is the look, if you are going to be looking at your grass for the next 10 or 20 years you need to like its appearance.

Why not request some samples?